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Hey Good Lookin’ by Hank Williams (from his 1952 performance on the Kate Smith Evening Hour).  The 2nd voice you hear at the start of the clip is June Carter.  “How’s about cookin’ somethin’ up with me?”

Howdy Buck-a-roos!

In honor of National Day of the Cowboy, Recipes4Rebels   is throwing a party…


I hope y’all will drop by!!!

It’s an ACTUAL and VIRTUAL party… taking place in many locations and times around the globe.  Join in!  It’s EASY and it’ll be lots of FUN!




This Cowboy Day celebration is a salute to the cowboys (and cowgirls) of the silver screen (and my most favorite one of all…Jett Rink as portrayed by James Dean in Giant ,1956).

The 1920s and 30s were the Golden Age of Hollywood Westerns.  Stars like Tom Mix and Hoot Gibson changed the image of the rowdy, unscrupulous, drunken, trouble-makers being portrayed on film…to that
of a romantic, lonesome hero.  Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, and Hopalong Cassidy became matinee idols.  TV gave us The Lone Ranger, Gunsmoke, and Bonanza.  The Cowboy Code of Ethic meant that right or wrong, a cowboy always did what he said he’d do and was the protector of women, small children, and the elderly.

As the importance of cattle ranching declined in the 30s and 40s, many cowboys ended up in Hollywood, filling the public’s endless lust for B-Westerns and singing cow pokes.  This Cowboy Day Cook-along is a celebration of them all!

Inspiration for the cook-along came from my friend Jenny in London who runs the amazing and authoritative site  During a discussion in one of her always entertaining postings (this one HERE)…she challenged me to host this event…it sounded like fun!  I’ve participated in a couple of her  previous cook-alongs and had a blast…so saddle-up pardner, here we go!


Attending this party is easy…prepare ONE or several items from the Cowboy Day menu, take a picture and write about it. Easy enough, huh?  Why not invite some friends over and make it a party?

Bloggers and vloggers should do a story…but if you don’t blog you can simply post a photo or video on social media or even just email it to me with a description of your event.  That’s all!

A write-up of the worldwide events will appear here the following week.  Watch for the fun photos of your event and everyone else’s.

NATIONAL DAY OF THE COWBOY is always the 4th Saturday of July.  You can find out about other events happening in your area from their official website HERE.

One GRAND PRIZE WINNER and one RUNNER-UP will be chosen by committee to receive FABULOUS PRIZES!  The rules are simple…keep reading…


  1. )  Choose one or more items from the menu below to prepare. (Other recipes are allowed…see the menu section.)
  2. )  Take photos/video and/or blog it.  Links to you blog (or social media posting) or photos, should be submitted to me, anytime between NOW and midnight on Sunday July 24th, 2016.  The EARLIER the BETTER.
  3. )  Somewhere within your posting, link to THIS website and posting.  You can use #CowboyDayCookalong to link to other postings about the event.
  4. )  Have FUN!  Big points awarded for creativity, dressing up, and presentation.  BONUS POINTS awarded for working JAMES DEAN into your Cowboy Day posting!!!


The GRAND PRIZE WINNER receives a copy of Recipes for Rebels: In the kitchen with James Dean (over 200 recipes from 100 of James Dean’s friends, family, and famous co-stars) and this FABULOUS 1991 limited edition, numbered, Hamilton collectors plate featuring James Dean (it’ll look amazing when serving homemade cookies or just hanging around on the wall).

The FIRST RUNNER-UP receives a copy of Recipes for Rebels: In the kitchen with James Dean.  (If you already own a copy, think about having it mailed to one of your foodie friends with a personal note enclosed from you.)

All the OTHER WINNERS receive bragging rights!





The following menu was pulled from the Recipes for Rebels cookbook and each item has a personal connection to James Dean.  Entries are not necessarily restricted to this menu…This Cowboy Day Cook-along is a celebration of Hollywood cowboys (and cowgirls).  You can choose ANY recipe to suit your needs…there are many on the internet… Jenny at has a wealth of famous cowboy recipes within her extensive archives… and there are lots of great cookbooks, my favorite is The All-American Cowboy Cookbook: 300 Recipes from the World’s Greatest Cowboys by Ken Beck and Jim Clark (I own and use the Kindle edition).




(Click on any recipe title to view the FULL recipe)

The “Giant” Martini was invented by Liz and Rock while working on the set of Giant (1956).  It is highly recommended.  Rich, chocolatey, and delicious!  The Bull Shot Cocktail comes from Musso and Frank’s, the oldest restaurant in Hollywood (and a favorite of James Dean’s)…this cocktail works great with a “cowboy menu,” sometimes served with a beer chaser.


Guacamole was one of the more popular party foods of James Dean’s era and works great within the context of our “cowboy menu.”  There are many “celebrity” versions out there, but I chose the one from Eddie Albert, who starred with James Dean in a 1954 TV drama entitled I’m A Fool  (both playing the same character, Albert as the elder version, Dean the younger).  Beyond Eddie Albert’s most remembered role of Oliver Wendell Douglas in TV’s Green Acres (1965-71), his prolific career of 207 film and television roles finds him regularly cast as a cowboy…most notably in Oklahoma! (1955).


Rock Hudson co-starred with Dean in the epic Western Giant (1956).  At home, Rock was a master in the kitchen.  His Gazpacho was chosen because it perfectly compliments this meal. 


James Dean worked with both Chill Wills and Monte Hale during the filming of Giant (1956), but their Chili’s are two totally different versions of the dish.  Chill Wills presents a chili that is basically large chunks of meat stewed in a spicy gravy.  Monte Hale’s is a much more familiar rendition.  You choose your favorite.  The Enchiladas are a vegetarian option…a dish that James Dean loved and ate often while shooting on location in Marfa, TX (and a favorite dish of mine…I’ll be using this as MY main course on Cowboy Day)..


L.Q. Jones’ Cowboy Corn is classic cowboy fodder.  (Check out L.Q’s photo on the recipe page and you’ll know why THIS ONE’S on my Cowboy Day menu!)  Dean worked closely with Jones, replicating his Texas accent and mannerisms for the role in Giant (1956).  James Dean worked with Ronald Reagan twice.  Throughout his B-movie career Reagan appeared in a number of Westerns, including The Santa Fe Trail (1940), and the TV series Wagon Train (1963) and Death Valley Days (1965-66).  His rice dish is a great side for this type of meal.  If you want beans on your Cowboy Day menu, you can find a simple recipe at the bottom of my Enchilada blog HERE.


A classic 1950s dessert and perfect chocolatey end to this meal, looking like Western wagon wheels on a plate.  Jane began her career as a child, playing the pig-tail-pulling, doll-ripping, bike riding nemesis to Shirley Temple.  She took a break from acting to get married and raise a family.  Her return to the big screen was in Giant (1956), opposite James Dean.  She became his trusted friend.  Withers is best remembered by the baby-boom generation for her long-running role as Josephine the Plumber in Comet Cleanser commercials.


Don’t hesitate to email me with any questions about the event or recipes via the Contact Me link above or public comments below…


and start planning your Cowboy Day celebration!

I love reading your thoughts and comments…leave me a note below, subscribe to receive emails about future postings, and freely use the social media sharing buttons to share this story with your friends and family…



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