Cowboy Day Cook-along Round-up

Cowboy Day 2016

was a lot of FUN!

MAYBE we should do this again next year???  It made me as happy as a dog with 2 tails!  We had participants from ALL over the world…celebrating all kinds of cowboys!

Here’s a short video compilation of all the cook-along celebrants!

Gotta love a Cowboy!

Everyone had a different take on Cowboy Day…follow the links to CHECK OUT EVERY SINGLE ONE!  You’ll laugh, you’ll learn, you’ll find more than a few surprises (and maybe discover a fabulous new blog to follow)…  If you didn’t see the original Cowboy Day Cook-along posting with all the guidelines and recipes, you can check it out HERE.

WINNERS of the Cook-along contest are announced at the bottom of this posting.

The Participants


Jenny at Silver Screen Suppers inspired the Cowboy Day Cook-along!  She’s the modern day Queen of vintage celebrity cooking (with over 6281-something recipes in her data base), and well over 1000 blog postings…  She moonlights as a member of the Shellac Sisters in London, UK, a group of 4 retro-chicks who DJ vintage 78s on antique Victrola’s!

Jenny actually hosted 3 separate Cowboy Day parties over the course of a couple of months…serving 3 different chili’s, chocolate martini’s, and lots of other celebrity dishes.  Here’s the link to her Cowboy Day posting.



Sherri claims to not cook…but ALWAYS shines in these challenges!!!  Sherri’s a hair stylist and shop owner in Paxton, IL (where I was born and raised), and one of the friendliest folks in town!

Sherri hosted the first and largest of all the Cowboy Day parties!  Her table was decorated to the 9s, with bright green bandanas for napkins, galvanized buckets holding utensils, and mason jars full of cocktails!  She cooked the full Recipes4Rebels menu (not an easy task) and presented everything beautifully!  Sherri doesn’t blog, but posted an album of great photos from the event on her Facebook page…here’s the link.



Yinzerella (aka Emily) at Dinner Is Served 1972 in Baltimore, MD is one of the first bloggers I started following.  She has a wicked sense of humor, and whether a recipe is a success or fail…she never disappoints in the entertainment arena!  On her blog, she cooks her way through a set of 118 vintage recipe cards (from 1972).  It’s brilliant!

Emily put a Midnight Cowboy (1969) spin on Cowboy Day, preparing some delicious sounding marinated artichokes from a recipe by actor Jon Voight.  Here’s the link.



Helen at Dinner With Zelda Manners in Nottingham, UK is a relatively new blog for me.  Helen and I have mutual friends through Facebook, and I learned of her blog from there.  From the very first reading, I found it strange and wonderful!  Her concept/style is most unusual…but I won’t do her any disservice by trying to describe it with my words, you’ll just have to go explore it for yourself!

Helen’s Cowboy Day posting threw me for another loop!  She opens the blog with a line from the poem, James Dean of Indiana by Phil Ochs.  This is a poem I’m very familiar with (and die-hard Deaners would be too), since it’s often read at the memorial services commemorating James Dean every year at the Back Creek Friends Church in Fairmount, Indiana!  Helen really did her homework!  Bravo!

Throughout the rest of her posting, she introduces each course with country music song lyrics…very cool! (I understand her husband created the country music playlist for the dinner, including one of my favorite artists…Hank Williams III.)  She put on a fantastic looking dinner, check it out here! 



Taryn of Retro Food For Modern Times in Melbourne, AU is a regular source of entertainment for me.  She’s funny, she’s smart, she loves cooking, traveling, vintage cookbooks, and cocktails…  Her food topics are diverse (she doesn’t always focus on retro recipes), but always delicious looking and interesting.

Taryn’s Cowboy Day entry didn’t disappoint! She cooked a meal for “Classy Cowboys,” which included Cowboy Caviar, a “souffle” from John Wayne, and a chocolate martini.  Her photos and presentation are ALWAYS picture perfect!  Here’s the link.



Clara at Heritage Recipe Box in Boston, MA is another fairly recent favorite blog I actively read.  Clara explores and recreates REALLY old recipes (which is a whole other talent and set of challenges within itself).  The history of these recipes (and the way Clara tells it) is often fascinating.  Her meticulous preparation  descriptions make it possible for these old dishes to come alive again!

I was thrilled and felt honored when Clara agreed to join in the Cowboy Day Cook-along.  Clara pays tribute to Marfa, TX in her posting.  Check it out here.



Kitt (aka Katherine) at This Gal, Kitt in Toronto, ON is a friend from years back…  She’s got pin-up girl good looks, with the added bonus of brains and class.  For the past couple of years she’s been writing a fascinating blog about old buildings around Toronto and their storied histories…it’s a great read and she ALWAYS makes me laugh!  Definitely check out One Gal’s Toronto.

I was excited when Kitt joined the cook-along to represent the “Canadian Cowboys.”  Kitt commented that she was almost a little embarrassed by the excessive amount of “cowboy paraphernalia” she found around the house while preparing for her Cowboy Day party.  Her party and food look great!  She made Chill Wills’ Chili (basically just stewed meat) and served it with warm flour tortillas, taco-style…brilliant!  Here’s the Link.



Kelly at Velveteen Lounge Kitsch-en in Middletown, NY is like the crazy, kooky, mid-century modern, fun neighbor you WISH you had…  She posts twice weekly to her YouTube TV show, broadcasting from her own home Tiki Bar!  She’s the expert on all things cocktail and fun  (and even has swizzle sticks with her own face on them)!

For her Cowboy Day Cook-along posting, Kelly makes TWO cocktails and a bowl of Eddie Albert’s Guacamole (because you really shouldn’t drink on an empty stomach).  She’s great fun and you can check it out here!



Angela from Bath, UK is a recent Facebook acquaintance through a mutual London friend. She posts the most wonderful looking food (and beautifully artistic photos of her husband, son, and the world around her)!  To my knowledge, she doesn’t blog…but I was overjoyed when I learned she was joining in on the Cowboy Day Cook-along!  Her party decor was great (I think her son may have helped with a few of the cowboy props)! I especially liked the printed-out celebrity portraits marking the dishes she cooked.  Her presentation looks so tasteful and food delicious!  Check out her album of photos here.




Dr. Bobb of Dr. Bobb’s Kitschen in Sharpsburg, MD is amazing!  I’ve been enjoying his vlog for a couple of years now.  Dr. Bobb prepares the “company food of yesteryear” from his many vintage cookbook finds, then feeds it to his husband who then assigns it a rating.  The whole process is filmed and posted to his YouTube channel.  They both have a tremendous sense of humor!

In the Cowboy Day Cook-along edition, Dr.Bobb (a renowned vocalist and professor by day) treats us to a SUPERB rendition of (I Wanna Be) A Cowboy’s Sweetheart…with yodeling like you won’t believe, AND a casserole from John Wayne!  What more can you ask for?  Check it out here.



Lenora of Puerto Escondido, MX is a recent Facebook acquaintance, but sister to one of my long time friends.  She posts lots of fabulous and fascinating images of the Oaxaca region where she lives.  Although she doesn’t blog (to my knowledge), she was inspired to host a Cowboy Day Cookalong party of her own.

Lenora prepared a picture perfect pot of Chill Wills’ Chili (somehow, the dish looks authentically Mexican in her photo) and a refreshing looking batch of Rock Hudson’s Gazpacho!  She even treated her guests to ice-y pitchers of chocolate martini’s for dessert.  Check out her story here.




And then there’s Me.  It’s been a little over a one-year anniversary for this blog, and the Cowboy Day celebration was a great way to commemorate it!  I was overwhelmed by the support of friends and bloggers around the world in this effort!  It’s a stellar list of some of the very best that you see listed above me here!

The planned day of our party was SUPER HOT (mid-July in Zakynthos, GR).  Alex and I didn’t quite accomplish everything we set out to do… but that’s o.k..  It turned out to be perfect weather for sitting on the shady porch with friends, drinking cold (adult) beverages, eating LOTS of food, and having a great time!  Here’s the link to our party.



The committee decided it was WAY to difficult to decide!  They are truly ALL winners!

But we were committed to making a choice so here’s the results…



(Not sure what yet, but something will be coming in the mail to you all soon.  If you’re on the list, I’ll be contacting you privately this coming week for mailing address’.)


SHERRI- For her huge efforts, superb table decor, and WONDERFUL photos showing the dishes she cooked and the recipe page it came from in the Recipes For Rebels cookbook!  We were very impressed Sherri!

DR. BOBB- For his AMAZING rendition of Cowboy’s Sweetheart!  Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

YINZERELLA- For putting her own spin on Cowboy Day!  We loved it!

TARYN- For such a “classy” posting and picture perfect photos!

CLARA- For her loving attention to detail in recreating historical recipes!

KELLY- For her FABULOUS-NESS and enthusiasm!

ANGELA- For her creative touches that set her party apart from all the others!

LENORA- For such beautiful food and inspiration!



FIRST RUNNER UP’s (It’s a tie) goes to:

(Cookbook prize winner.  I know you both already have a copy, so we’ll discuss something else perhaps)

JENNY- For the sheer number of parties and huge effort and enthusiasm you put forth!  You’re the BEST!

KITT- For totally pulling off a great looking (and tasting) party!  Everything was picture perfect!  Loved it!



HELEN- For your creative and inspiring posting!  We totally loved it!

Thanks for playing!

I hope you all had half as much fun as I did! 

Leave a comment below about YOUR favorite parts…

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