[The Eagles tribute James Dean, recorded in 1973, released on their 1974 album, On the Border]


Eat, Drink, Films, the widely read and highly entertaining on-line magazine about food and film, published a great review of Recipes for Rebels in December 2015.  The article includes an interview with the author and several recipes from the book.  Check it out…HERE!




Silver Screen Suppers, is the blog site of Jenny Hammerton…the guru of vintage celebrity recipes.  She her passions for food and movie stars since 2006 and recently celebrated her 1000th blog posting!  She has an archive of over 6000 vintage celebrity recipes! In 2015 she published Cooking With Joan Crawford, a tribute to one of her favorite cooking stars.

Jenny has an alter ego that is a member of the Shellac Sisters, a group of  DJ’s who dress in their best period fineries and spin magic on antique wind-up Victrola’s. She was immensely helpful in tracking down a number of the recipes included in Recipes for Rebels and a mentor for my start in food blogging.  Explore her fascinating site.  She mentions my book regularly in her blogs…here are links to a few of them…FEB 8DEC 23NOV 26NOV 7OCT 10OCT 3



“I can’t put the book down…it’s amazing!  I was going to diet, but now I’m going to ‘Rebel’!!!!”  -Annette Phillips

“I absolutely love and adore this gorgeous book – it’s completely enthralling.  There are so many incredible details and I love the fun recipe card layout.  It’s pure genius.  It’s going to make this fall and long coming winter a delight!  And the shopping bag, bookmark, and recipe card!!!  This has to be the most fun cookbook ever written!” –Katherine Taylor

“If you love cooking and James Dean, this is the book for you.”  -Zandina Adamandia Glava

“Your book is BEAUTIFUL!  I love, love, love, love, love it!  I have been FONDLING the cover.”

-Jenny Hammerton, silvercsreensuppers.com

“It’s just wonderful and well done…I know that Jim would have loved it…and THANK YOU  FOR ASKING ME TO BE PART OF IT…I’M MOST PROUD…LOVE, TONILEE” 

-Toni Lee Scott, Jazz singer and intimate friend of James Dean

“Love the book.”  -Mary Ann Michna

“The book is fantastic…This would make a perfect holiday gift for anyone you know who loves to cook or is a fan of James Dean or just loves to read cookbooks, like I do!”  -Iva Turner

“It’s not the kind of cookbook you put away with the others, I feel like it’s also a coffee table book!”

-Nan Timpe Muehlhauser

” It’s quite a glamorous spread and full of interesting information.  Where else were Ortense Winslow and Elizabeth Taylor going to be between the same ‘sheets’ ?”

-Val Holley, author of James Dean, The Biography

“Great Book!”  -Shannon Wafford

“It’s so beautiful, fun and exciting, all in one incredible book.”  -Elizabeth Nuss

“Thank you and thank you and thank you for all the energy and fire and creativity you invested in producing (this) gloriously beautiful and fascinating book…quite magical really!”  -Sondra Camie

“Love the book.”  -Alison Bracker, daughter of Jim’s best friend Lew Bracker

“Fantastic.”  -Kip Brown, member of one of LA’s first punk bands, SHOCK

“The Best.”  -Pamela Des Barres, best-selling author of I’m With the Band

“Brilliant Cookbook.  It is VAST and brilliant.  I absolutely adore this book and there are so many recipes I want to cook.  It is heartily recommended.  Fab book.”  -Jenny Hammerton, silverscreensuppers.com

“I’m enjoying the recipes and colorful stories behind them.”  -Sheri Conover Sharlow

“Recipes for Rebels is a work of art!  Even if you don’t cook, it is gorgeous and fun to read.  And is you do cook, the recipes are delightful.”  -Iva Turner

“I haven’t seen anything this good in 10, no make that 20 years!”  -Pam Crawford, past-president of

James Dean Remembered International Fan Club

“I am extremely impressed…still in great awe…” – Katerina Zachos

“It is beautiful, educational, fun, and inspirational cover to cover!  The artwork, layouts, photos, recipes, stories, just everything is beyond expectations…”  -Sheryl Pietrick Donnal

“A wonderful book.”  -Mary Emmerick

“Amazing book.”  -Katherine Fogg, author of When Silence Screams

“Awesome book.”  -Wendy Lou Amend

“All the stories and anecdotes make this book so much more fun than a cookbook.  It is a biography with recipes!” 

-Iva Turner

“If you like to cook or even if you don’t like to, but enjoy reading about Hollywood royalty, YOU NEED THIS BOOK…it is AMAZING!!  It has all sorts of cool recipes with a James Dean theme.  Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!”  -Erika Lila Pearson

“I love the cookbook, can’t put it down.”  -Cynthia DeNoyer

“Love the book, so creative.”  -Linda Schwartz

“A most imaginative idea…wonderfully put together.”  -Bert Bretherton

“The book is fantastic!!!!”  -Jennifer Steele Payne

“Great book.  Everyone should own a copy.”  -Mark Kinnaman



  1. Greg your book is AMAZING! Your book isn’t just a cook book it’s a good read also. Thank you for making Whitney and I so special . Enjoyed seeing you and Alex , so proud of you!

  2. I’m going to sprinkle some stardust around my kitchen cooking lots of recipes from this wonderful cookbook! What a labour of love, it’s gorgeous!

    • Your kitchen is laminated in Stardust! Thanks for the compliments and all the help and support you gave me along the way! You were a role model in this process!

  3. Testimonial from a friend…

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